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Hey there Strong Black Woman,

I see you! You got it going on. You've mastered the art of juggling 20 things at once without breaking a sweat or letting one ball drop.

Everyone can always count on you to show up and get it done, no matter what! Yet I know the truth about you, deep down inside you're overextended, undernutured, exhausted and underappreciated right?

Sis, I have been there and done that!! Got a program to prove it, lol. Yep, everyone can count on you but who can you count on? Do you even remember what it is like to ask for help and actually have someone fully show up for you or are you so use to disappointment, you don't bother asking?

No judgement! I get it. You've been through a lot, you've learned to rely on yourself and you have been doing the darn thang, raising children, working from sun up to sun down, and being that supportive friend who rocks but it's starting to weigh on you. If the truth be told it's starting to feel like a never ending cycle of more to do and less time for you.

Well you have come to the right site. I'm Coach Key and I know this story oh to welI, which is why I'm here. I'm here to do a you, on you, fully confident that  no one deserves to feel more valued, loved and nurtured than you in this moment.


Meet Coach Key

Awareness. Acknowledgement. Acceptance. Action.

Hi, I am Kisha M Coston, affectionately known as Coach Key. Before I jump in I have a confession, even as a college graduate, licensed minister, certified belief therapist and strategic life coach I did not learn to give out of my overflow until I had burnt out, shut down and walked away from just about everything. The truth is it wasn't until years later when I really started applying the tools I'm offering you that my life transformed.

Am I by myself? Are there times in life when the very thing you want seems to be out of your reach and gaining control appears to be impossible?

Well I am here to help you breakthrough those disempowering beliefs (Deb's) that's keeping you stuck. I will show you how to leverage your strengths and bust through fears of being judged, hurt, or disappointments so that you show up fully ready to live.

The time is NOW Schedule your free consulation and let's start unlocking endless possibilities with effective tools to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals.


Dare To Set Boundaries

What are your boundaries? How about your non-negotiables? Are you constantly telling yourself, what everyone else wants comes first; I'll take what's left. It's not okay to reveal my feelings if they rock the other person's boat? 

Sis, you are not alone. I had been telling myself those things for years, stuck in a cultural strong black woman programming that was keeping me depleted. How shocked I was to discover these deb's (disempowering beliefs) were robbing me of my inner harmony, integrity and self esteem.

Our personal boundaries are not always as obvious as a fence or a giant, "NO TRESPASSING" sign, unfortunately. They can be more like invisible bubbles. Dare to do the thing that scares you. Become a fuller verison of yourself with strategies that completely change the way you show up on the planet, simply by setting personal boundaries.

Even though personal boundaries can be challenging to navigate, setting and communicating them is essential for our health, well-being and even our safety. The question is are you ready to build your own personal and emotional space to thrive in? If you answered YES, sign up now for your She Dares to Set Boundaries Checklist to get you started.

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Smiling Girl

Change. Adjust. Move.

Inspired Coaching

Have you lost the beauty of living? Are you tired of being the face of strength in the midst of burnout?

Are you still placing your dreams on the back burner, to afraid of disappointing those you care for to pursue it?

Life is a journey and sometimes your path will require you to change, adjust and move leaving behind the patterns, behaviors and baggage you no longer need. When you consciously decide to lighten your load, you will be able to travel from one stage of development to another, effortlessly and with a greater sense of fulfillment.

Dare to turn your obstacles into opportunities. Book your consultation today. You're one strategist away from the change you’ve been seeking.

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I would like to give a shout out to “Dare to Self Care.” Since I’ve been in this program, I’ve learned so much about myself—things that I’ve hidden from myself. Being able to just talk about things that nobody would never pull out of me. Dealing with self-care, you learn a lot about yourself. The women that are in this program are awesome and motivating. We pray, laugh, and cry together—it feels so refreshing just to be yourself! A big shout out to Kisha Coston, thank you for helping me care more for myself, I love you.❤️❤️❤️

Carol E White

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Life is meant to be lived. Don't go to your grave with your best work inside you. Choose to die empty.